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Deer Stalking

Deer Stalking at Tulchan Glenisla

The Tulchan of Glenisla

Stalking Red Stags during the rut is one of the most exciting and traditional activities Scotland has to offer. The rut starts in the second half of September and lasts until the end of the season on the 20th of October. The rut will have its peak from the beginning of October until the end of the season. At Tulchan of Glenisla it is not uncommon to see several hundred red deer on a stalking day during the rut. The stalker will then decide which Stag is a suitable Cull Stag and the approach will begin.  It is possible to stalk two stags during the rut. This allows you to share your experience with friends or family and stalk together with them. Also out of the rutting season the chances for a successful stalk for Stags are very high. Our experienced stalkers know “their” deer and will make a successful approach possible in any season.

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Glencally Estate

Deer Stalking is the term used in Scotland for hunting and shooting deer. There are no deer feeders, food plots or other enticements to lure the deer to you. You must stalk them. This is a field sport steeped in tradition. Although a typical stalk may take the better part of a day over and around mountains, it will provide you with a unique and challenging experience you will never forget. Red Deer is one of the largest and most magnificent of the deer species. It is indeed “Monarch of the Glen” It’s season runs July 1 through October 20.

Roe deer stalking is quite different from Red deer stalking. Roe Bucks are best taken early in the morning or late in the afternoon usually on the open hillside. The season for Roe Bucks is April 1- Oct 20.

Hind Stalking is also challenging and necessary to help with the annual cull requirement. The season is Oct 20- Feb 15.

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Deer Stalking at Tulchan Glenisla

Main photo and above photo courtesy of Tulchan Glenisla.

Deer Stalking at Glencally

Photo courtesy of Glencally.

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